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Food Safety Talk 49: Less Risky Bathroom Event


Participation in the program is based on eligibility. Women and children (up to five years of age) who meet the eligibility criteria receive food and cash-value vouchers for a variety of healthy foods (you can review NCs list of approved WIC foods here, downloads as a pdf). Those benefits appeared to be in jeopardy Tuesday. After hearing that DHHS could not support additional benefits and would, instead, refer families to community food banks, Food Lion, a NC-based grocery chain, stepped up to help out. Food Lion LLC is a subsidiary of Brussels-based Delhaize Group (NYSE: DEG). Founded as Food Town in 1957, today Food Lion is one of the largest supermarket companies in the United States, operating approximately 1,300 supermarkets in 11 states and employing 73,000 workers. As a nod to its North Carolina base, Food Lion made a $500,000 donation to seven regional food banks across the state to support those who need food assistance to feed their families. The donation, consisting of gift cards, was targeted to food banks stretching from the west to the east in the state and divided based on geography and number of counties in each region. The Food Lion gift cards will arrive at the food banks over the next two days. Food banks will distribute them to partner agencies and constituents in the next several weeks, or purchase critical food needed for the food bank. The gift cards can be used in any Food Lion store. And in keeping with the spirit of WIC, gift cards cannot be redeemed for purchases of alcohol or cigarettes. Beth Newlands Campbell, president of Food Lion, said about the donation: In North Carolinaparents are forced to make difficult decisions, like buying formula or paying rent, to provide their children with the nutrition they need. Were hopeful that todays donation helps families to make fewer of those tough choices, particularly during this time.

The tensions hit a new level last month when the Color Run prompted Oakwood residents cars to get towed, while others complained that the colorful starch thrown at runners ended up on their homes. While new rules and a 100-event annual cap was approved earlier this year, the road race policy will now get another look from city council. Baldwin says city staff members should oversee the permit process, which is currently handled by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance. That could improve coordination and communication surrounding the events, she said. Diaz said hes happy to give up that role. We felt that we had all of the responsibility and none of the authority to manage city employees, he said. Feeding the hungry And while downtown is drawing runners and food truck fans, its still home to some of Raleighs neediest residents, which brings multiple groups to Moore Square each weekend to hand out food. The charities say they havent received the same welcome that road races and festivals get instead, they reported being threatened with arrest in August for violating city ordinances governing food distribution. That rule hadnt been enforced for years, but now future development plans are creating pressure to clean up the park. The charities, along with residents and business owners, will meet once more on Oct. 22 to finalize recommendations to the city council. Many of them have suggested that the city should provide the alternative site if Moore Square isnt an option. Baldwin and Councilman John Odom say theyll likely budget funds toward a solution. Im willing to put some money in that and make that happen, Odom said, adding that he doesnt think the park is the right place for charity work.

Food trucks, road races among ‘growing pains’ for downtown Raleigh

They strive to be relevant, funny and informative sometimes they succeed. You can download the audio recordings right from the website, or subscribe using iTunes. Episode 49 The show started with Don and Ben sharing their love for iOS7 and iTunes Radio. Bens still on his Beach Boys trip, having recently watched Beautiful Dreamer . The discussion then quickly turned to food safety follow up. Ben wasnt happy with his Food Safety News interview on dishwasher cooking and the message that he might have sent. Don felt that a really important aspect was the multitude of variables that can change from one dishwasher to another and hence that it was difficult be safe. The guys then discussed some listener feedback about safety of low sugar jellies, which was related to the work of one of Dons masters student. The listener commended the work on low sugar jellies, which will help provide important information to existing Cottage Food Guidelines . The guys then delved into the effects of water activity, pH, sugar contents for the safety of the preserving process and how some products, such as the Cronut Maple Jam , fall far outside the known safe zone. This got Ben onto the Toronto Public Health investigation update on the Cronut Burger outbreak , which was related to the already risky jam not being refrigerated by the producer or the vendor who purchased it.