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An audit showed thatof about $810,777 collected over four years, only $196,460 aided the poor. Much of it went toaffiliated services and businesses, many of which listed ISNA Canadaslong-time secretary general, Mohammad Ashraf, as a director, despite federal laws that forbid charities from spending donations on business activities that do not aid the charity. After running ISNA Canada for 32 years Ashraf was forced to retire in 2011 Yet while he was still running the show at ISNA Canada, Ashraf was also secretary of ISNA Canada, putting him at the center of both scandals. Board members accuse Ashraf of running both charities like his personal fiefdoms. Ashraf dismissed those claims.This and other accusations by the (Foundation) board seem to come out of petty internal politics which seems to be ongoing but is not worth discussion, he said. ISNA Canada has issued no comment as of yet on the ruling, other than aJuly 26 statement on their website.We think it is unhelpful to cast aspersions about support for militant groups on a charity and the law abiding citizens that it serves based on pure speculation, the statement said. Fortunately, the case is no longer about speculation. ISNA Canada is finished as a charity. According to the CRS, this means it can no longer issue donation receipts for income tax purposes and is no longer a qualified donee under the Income Tax Act. The organization is no longer exempt from income tax, unless it qualifies as a non-profit organization, and it may be subject to a tax equal to the full value of its remaining assets. Its parent organization in the United States issued a statement on its website distancing itself from its Canadian counterpart, noting that the leadership and management of both of these organizations in Canadaare separate fromISNA in the United States, and that there has been no links of authority or responsibility between the United States andCanadian organizations for a few decades, despite the similarity of names. The American version of ISNA was one of three major Islamic organizations listed by federal prosecutor as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) case. HFL founders were convicted of funnelingmore than $12 million to support Hamas. During that trial, ISNA and thethe North American Islamic Trust werealso listed asentities who are and/or were members of the U.S.

Atlantic Storm to Bring East Coast Rip Currents, Canada Rain

Dangerous rip currents and rough surf will be a factor however along the East Coast with wind and rain targeting Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Effects from the storm on the U.S. will be minimal. What once appeared to be a concerning storm has now weakened and tracked further east. The overall weather will remain dry along the East Coast. Gusty breezes will persist along the coast from the Jersey shoreline Maine through at least Tuesday morning. Early morning fog can be a problem away from the coast through the early week as well. Impacts to Nova Scotia to Newfoundland will be felt later Monday into Wednesday with the effects of moderate nor’easter with rough seas and periods of windswept rain. The most significant impact from a U.S. standpoint will be locally rough surf and offshore seas through much of Monday. However, because of the farther east and weaker storm track, problems related to this will be minor. Most larger, ocean-worthy vessels will have no issues negotiating the conditions.

Air Canada app review: find flights, book flights, check in, and much more

This app seems to follow along a similar vein in that there are loads of great features which all run very smoothly and are all presented in a very attractive interface, making for a great user-experience. Come Fly With Me Coming from the land of poutine, maple syrup, and ridiculous amounts of snow (in the winter, of course) is this fantastic four-in-one app which features everything you need to book and manage flights, book vacation packages, track your cargo, and even access exclusive in-flight entertainment while in the air. Using the primary Air Canada section of this app, you can input departure and arrival destinations, flight numbers, or booking reference numbers to find exactly the flight youre looking for. You can also use the Check-in feature to save a lot of time at the airport, so Id definitely recommend checking that out too. Air Canada rouge features the unique player which you can use to connect to the wireless network on Air Canada rouge flights to stream movies, TV shows, and music to your iPhone. I dont know about you but I think thats an incredibly cool feature, and I wish I knew about that when I flew Air Canada a few years ago! Come Fly, Let’s Fly Away Air Canada Vacations is another great section of this app which enables you to browse vacation package deals which include flights, accommodation, and in the case of All Inclusive deals, some quantity of food and drinks throughout the duration of your stay. There are loads of ways in which you can narrow down your searches in the Vacations section so Id definitely check it out. There is also a Deals section which features Deals of the day, so youll want to keep a keen eye on that to catch any bargains which might surface. Finally, the Air Canada Cargo section enables you to enter your air waybill number to track the status of any cargo you currently have in transit. You can also view cargo schedules by inputting the location of origin and intended destination. Find and book Air Canada flights Check in from within the app Passbook electronic boarding passes supported Browse and book vacation packages Access exclusive in-flight entertainment from your iPhone on Air Canada rouge flights Track your cargo with Air Canada Cargo There is nothing negative to say about this app Final Words Air Canada, at least in my experience, is a great airline, and has clearly done an awesome job at developing an app which encompasses their various services effectively. This is a brilliant app and it definitely receives a strong recommendation from me!

Canada loses to Cuba in FIBA regional final, but still heading to 2014 worlds

Forward Tamara Tatham of Brampton, Ont., was the high-scorer for Canada with 25 points. Tatham went 10-for-13 from the field, and was 4-for-4 from the free throw line. Miranda Ayim of London, Ont., was the only other Canadian in double figures with 13 points. Oyanaisy Gelis finished with 19 points to lead four Cubans in double figures. A late 9-2 run helped Cuba build a 20-15 lead after the first quarter. Cuba extended its lead to 45-30 at the half, and it was 58-47 after three quarters. “I’m proud of how hard they competed tonight, right down to the final minutes, we were in a position to win, but Cuba deserves full credit for a tremendous game,” said Canadian coach Lisa Thomaidis Canada finished 13-of-18 from the free throw line, while Cuba was 22-of-26. Brazil defeated Puerto Rico 66-56 to earn the bronze medal, and the region’s third spot in the world’s. Canada, which finished the tournament 5-1, already clinched a spot in the 2014 world championship in Turkey with a win over Puerto Rico in the semifinals. “We’re going to draw from this experience and grow from it,” said Thomaidis. “The lessons we have learned here will be invaluable as we set our sights on next year’s world championship.” @YahooEhGame on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook Explore Related Contents The Canadian Press XALAPA, Mexico – Canada’s women’s basketball team defeated Puerto Rico 73-48 on Friday to advance