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Music and Evil: Top 20 Halloween Songs (Pt. 1)

Electric music. Music carnival just getting better. 07:54 PM: #Shailendrasingh meets media, says #sunburnnoida never disappoints. Bangalore crowd can never meet Delhi’s enthusiasm. 07:59 PM: Music lovers at #sunburnnoida just cant wait for #dashberlin and #nervotwins. #dashberlin world’s 7th best #DJ takes the crowd by surprise at #sunburnnoida, creates ripples with #trance music. 08:55 PM: #sunburnnoida: #shailendrasingh all praise for the #nervotwins from Australia, says they will rock it like always. 09:22 PM: #sunburnnoida: #dashberlin gets the crowd going 09:28 PM: #sunburnnoida: #nervotwins now on stage. Gets the best response from the people. 09:34 PM: Crowds respond to #nervo twins at #sunburnnoida, hoots, whistles, dances to their tunes. 09:49 PM:#sunburnnoida: #dashberlin becomes the show stealer. Lives upto expectations. Plays his hit number I Lose Myself.

Sunburn 2013: The music festival lives up to the hype

14 (!) — and concerts. Its mission is to ensure that the area remains an arts hub for generations to come. The space has long been utilized by taste-making promoters FYF for innovative gigs and represents the area’s dominant population with evenings of Latin American-focused music. Friday night, for example, the center will host the monthly “Noches de Trova,” which features Mexican and Latin American singer-songwriters drawing on bolero, ranchera, country, jazz, folk and blues music. Saturday’s music festival roster is all over the place. Those looking for heavy rhythm should note Nguzunguzu, whose tracks are typified by tribal, polyglot beats and psychedelic washes of synthetics. The smoother-grooved duo Poolside celebrates the more casual aspects of dance music, a team “inspired by California, mezcal, dancing, good food and friends.” The beguiling duo Boardwalk, which has an excellent new album out on Stones Throw, promises to be a highlight. INTERACTIVE: A festival for every fan SoCal’s yearly sonic lineup The biggest influx of fans will no doubt arrive for Bosnian Rainbows, though. The group was formed by At the Drive In and Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, and his devoted followers are legion. Born as Rodriguez-Lopez went on hiatus from the Mars Volta, the Rainbows features the shockingly charismatic lead singer Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes. A children’s stage will host, among others, the uniquely Angleno work of the Bob Baker Marionettes. An experimental stage will be headlined by the modern dance troupe/music ensemble String Theory. The global bass stage should have tummies rumbling with the wild cumbia/new wave group El Conjunto Nueva Ola.

Iconic rock guitars and their owners

I like being in a place where things are creepy and scary. To transform a normal setting into a dark and horrific nightmare is not hard. I’ll talk about that in another article….But today, we’re going to discuss the music that was made specifically for the mainstream. Bands that are NOT dark all year round. This is stuff you’ve heard on the radio, so it’s not just some obscure melodies that I’ve found. But songs like this would be cheating….See? It’s too easy because it’s just a song that’s brutal. My criteria in it’s summarized form is that it has to be a song that could play at a Halloween party. I am going to haunt your soul with some creepy vibes, man. You feel that? It’s the Top 20 Halloween Songs!! 20.) Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” [Insert Video] How could I not put this one on the list? It’s a classic and it definitely embodies Halloween. It was made specifically for it, but it’s also SUPER over played and thus it lands a 20 instead of a higher number.