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Azerbaijan Signs New Gas Deals With Europe, Snubs Russia

Russia says it fears its market could be flooded by competitive EU goods entering Ukraine free of import duties and being re-exported across the long border with Russia. But Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, in a speech to the conference, dismissed the threat of illegal transit of EU goods into Russia as a “hypothetical” one that would not happen in practice. “We are convinced that the signing (of the agreements with the EU) does not hold any risks (for Russia),” he said, adding that he would give personal assurances of this to Russia and its trade allies in the Moscow-led Customs Union. He also expressed frustration at Russia’s refusal to cut the price of the gas it sells to Ukraine and said Kiev may have to reduce further the volume of its gas imports. Ukraine’s pro-Europe drive has already drawn threats of counter-measures from Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as pressure on Kiev to join the Customs Union. Speaking after Azarov on Saturday, Sergei Glazyev, an aide to Putin, returned to the attack, saying that Russia might be obliged to impose duties on any goods arriving from Ukrainian territory, at a huge financial cost to Ukraine. Saying 40 percent of Ukrainians had doubts over the agreements with the EU, Glazyev, who has made hawkish comments before about Ukraine’s pro-Europe policy, urged the Kiev government to ballot its people. “Let us … ask the Ukrainian people what choice they prefer,” he said. TYMOSHENKO RELEASE Azarov had sharp words for Russia over its refusal to cut the price of its gas, which hangs heavy on Ukraine’s cash-strapped economy. Ukraine pays what it sees as an exorbitant $400 per thousand cubic meters under a 2009 contract, which Russia has refused to redraw. In a bid to break away from reliance on Russia, Ukraine hopes to find alternative energy sources through shale gas exploration and imports from other sources. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich on Friday reiterated that Kiev was committed to signing the agreements with the EU at a November 28 summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, marking a pivotal shift away from Russia.

What Europe can teach us about keeping the Internet open and free

Bo found guilty Sunday in a high-profile corruption trial More Featured Videos Your JavaScript is turned off or you have an old version of Adobe’s Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player . Health Risks Fail to Deter Ethiopians from Eating Raw Meat Ethiopians continue to eat raw meat at family and festive occasions despite health risks that include exposure to tapeworms, salmonella and E-coli. Marthe van der Wolf reports for VOA from Addis Ababa on why the practice persists. Video Virginia Town Forced to Adapt to Rising Seas No one is far from the water in the port city of Norfolk, Virginia, where citizens are feeling the impact of climate change. At high tide and during storms, water floods the streets. Sea level is rising faster here than anywhere else on the U.S. east coast. As VOAs Rosanne Skirble reports, the city is learning to adapt to a warmer world. Video US Investigation Spotlights China’s Princelings The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating JP Morgans Hong Kong office for hiring the children of high-level Chinese officials. Observers say the hiring of these so-called princelings is to open business opportunities in mainland China. But could the practice, which dates back almost two decades, also be considered bribery? Yinan Wang and Yi Chen look at the practice in a report voiced by Colin Lovett.

Daniel Radcliffe on going from boy wizard Harry Potter to gay sex scenes, love triangles and what it would be like to grow a devilish pair of horns FORMER Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe talks to RICK FULTON. Amazing reunion for baby born in secret after war-time fling 70 years ago ABERDEEN-BORN Judy Patchett was reunited with her sister Brenda Chandler after a family secret kept them apart for almost 70 years. Play Daily Record Bingo now for great prizes! Search: EUROPEAN Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley will name his three wild card selections after next year’s Italian Open. European Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley Andrew Redington/Getty Images THE European Tour today confirmed that the battle to qualify for Europe’s next Ryder Cup team will conclude at the Italian Open on Sunday, August 31, 2014. Captain Paul McGinley will name his three wild card selections the following day, with nine players qualifying automatically, the first four coming from the European Points List and the remaining five coming from the World Points List. Italian Golf Federation president Franco Chimenti said: “This is a great boost for the Italian Open and we are already counting down to what I am sure will be a very exciting week both for Italian golf and for the Ryder Cup. “Of course, it would also be very special if we were able to welcome some of our own players to the team next year to follow in the footsteps of Costantino Rocca and Francesco and Edoardo Molinari.” McGinley added: “The Italian Open is steeped in history and is one of the great championships on the European Tour, and I look forward to being in Italy when the nine automatic qualifiers are determined.” Francesco Molinari, whose halved match with Tiger Woods ensured Europe won the last Ryder Cup outright thanks to the ‘Miracle at Medinah’, added: “It’s great news for the Italian Open. You only have to look at how successful the tournament has been this week, and hopefully the Ryder Cup points finishing here will add to its profile. “There is a long way to go, but it would be pretty special to qualify for the team at the Italian Open – that is certainly the goal.” The venue for the 2014 event, which was won in Turin on Sunday by France’s Julien Quesne, has yet to be decided.

But then the FCC decided not to regulate broadband the same way. Whereas telecom providers had to practice unbundling, Internet providers didn’t the better to encourage them to build more infrastructure , or so the logic went. If all the companies expected to freeload, nobody would take the responsibility to lay the cables. Today, that means every ISP owns its own network. But it also means there are fewer competitors in the marketplace. “In the year 2000, there were 9,000 ISPs in the United States,” Kehl told me. After the FCC steered clear of unbundling for broadband, she said, the number fell by 74 percent to less than 2,500 in 2005. Now that the market for broadband has become so empty, net neutrality is one of the few policies that can keep the Internet open and affordable, Kehl said. Europe will be watching the D.C. Circuit closely for a decision on net neutrality. However the case turns out, it will set a major precedent for the dozens of activist groups working independently in each country, said Roslyn Layton, an American Internet economist at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. “Every country defines net neutrality differently. I’ve counted 12 different definitions,” she said.