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Hollywood’s A-list celebrities hit China for 10th Huading Awards (Photos)

The stars understand that this is a huge market and they are brands, Mischer said. This is an opportunity to reach that new market, which supposedly is going to be the number one market in the world soon — theres no question that people in our business want to connect to the audience here. Ill go wherever the work is and wherever the people [who watch films] are to say thank you, said Worthington, who remains a major star in China, thanks to Avatar, still the highest grossing film in the country ever, at $221.9 million. The worlds tiny and it’s getting smaller, he added backstage after receiving his best global action movie actor prize. PHOTOS: Studios’ New Box Office Pain: Homegrown Films Are Beating Tentpoles Overseas The show indeed showcased a remarkable diversity of backgrounds and talent. From the Chinese industry Jackie Chan, Wong Kar Wai, John Woo each took the stage to present or receive awards. Musical segments ranged from performances by K-Pop star Steve Yoo, Japanese-Brazillian bossa nova singer Lisa Ono, Avril Lavigne (Huadings best global singer), who performed her hits Girlfriend and Heres to Never Growing Up, along with an impassioned song from the winner of the best traditional Chinese opera singer category. With a few small logistical delays and no cap on acceptance speech lengths, the show ran nearly four hours.Translations of the proceedings were intermittent. Stepping behind the podium late in the night to receive her best global actress in motion pictures trophy, Nicole Kidman thanked the crowd and said, I havent understood all of it, but Ive had a great time being a spectator. She added that she hopes to come back and make a film in China — and to show her daughters the country someday. Jackie Chan next presented Tarantino with the best global director in motion pictures award a somewhat surprising honor for the celebrated pop auteur, given the difficulties he encountered in releasing his last film Django Unchained in China (it was suddenly pulled from theaters on its opening day in the country and only re-released weeks later after cuts were made to tone down its bloody sequences Tarantino curtly declined to comment on the imbroglio when asked about it backstage Monday night). Referring to the director as his best friend, Chan thanked Tarantino for all the years he supported both himself and Chinese cinema, back when Jackie Chan was nobody. In his acceptance speech, Tarantino noted his lifelong love for Chinese martial arts cinema and said, When I did Kill Bill, that was my tribute to yalls cinema. I shot that in Beijing at the Beijing Film Studios that Maos wife created, and I was there for a year shooting Kill Bill… I love Chinese cinema, so to get this from the Chinese people and Chinese film industry, means everything to me. Nicolas Cage told THR backstage that he flew in for the event from a village three hours south of Beijing, where he is currently filming Nick Powells Outcast, with Hayden Christensen and Yifei Liu his first project in the country. I was excited to do a film here, as I believe in the genius loci of a place — the ‘genie’ of the place is what I call it and I absorb that energy and it affects performance. So I can tell you 100 percent, that making a movie in China, you know Im buzzing with good energy. He added that he even plans to partially relocate to Hong Kong: I want a base in Asia, and I decided that Hong Kong would be the perfect place for me to have a life. While approaching the stage to accept his award as best actor in motion pictures, Cage went out of his way to shake hands with a young Chinese boy seated near the front of the hall and wearing a Superman costume. In beard and pony tail presumably for his role in Outcast, in which he plays a warrior in Imperial China Cage raised his hands above his head dramatically and said: Nihao, people of China.

Anthony Quinn His physical Irish-Latino features set him up to play very characteristic and stereotyped roles that allowed him to attain the experience that every actor needs. His first few appearances slowly opened the door to films of more popularity where he was able to demonstrate that he could play a variety of roles. Earthy and at times exuberant, Anthony Quinn was one of Hollywoods more colorful personalities. New York Times When Quinn worked for Paramount, he married Katherine, the adopted daughter of director Cecil B. De Mille.However, his father-in-law didnt help him in his career, and his acceptance as a son-in-law was highly conditional due to his precarious economic situation. Still, Quinn continued working in the theater, where he achieved success with the piece A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. He obtained U.S. citizenship in 1947; however, because of his multiethnic appearance and the scars from boxing across his face, he continued playing secondary roles as a native of the United States. He acted in 15 films in this time period; encased in roles of gangsters, villains and characters with dubious reputations. This translated to real life for him, and Hollywood socialites of the time did not support Quinn in their circles, discriminating against him greatly. One of the reasons I did all the Greeks and Arab parts I did was because I was trying to identify myself as a man of the world, I lived in Greece, in France, Iran and all over the world, Spain, trying to find a niche where I would finally be accepted. Anthony Quinn for The New York Times Despite this, he was offered more interesting roles like Eufemio Zapata in Viva Zapata! (1952) by Elia Kazan, for which he received his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. This was the first occasion in which a Hispanic actor received the prestigious award. His portrayal of Gauguin in the film The Crazy Red Hair (1956) by Vincente Minnelli, gave him his second Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He moved artistically between United States and Europe and that, without a doubt, hurt him when it came to choosing his roles. However, the actor reached great notoriety especially with his role in Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and Zorba the Greek (1964), with which he won a new nomination for an Oscar.

<img src='http://www.trbimg.com/img-5252f77d/turbine/la-bhollywood-star-walkb-john-lennon-sl/187/187×105' width='200px' alt='Hollywood Star Walk: John Lennon’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

Vandals scrawled messages, drew a smiley face and added other scribbling over the star on Vine Street near the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood. The Beatles group star and the individual stars for the other members of the group were not damaged. Peace activist Jerry Rubin, who spearheads an annual celebration at Lennons star on the musician’s birthday, said Monday that the special annual public birthday celebration for John Lennon will take place as enthusiastically as ever this year. Ana Martinez, a representative for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which installs the Walk of Fame stars, told Pop & Hiss on Monday that I notified the Hollywood Historic Trust last night. I am sure that they are going to look into it as we speak today. I am hoping that it will get cleaned up today. Update at 11:19: A representative for Capitol Records said Monday morning, “Though it is the Chamber’s responsibility, we were out there first thing this morning attempting to clean the star,” Universal Music Group’s senior director of adminstration Jim Kuha said. “We made some great progress and then the company that installs the stars for the WOF showed up and they took over. They’re going to strip and reseal the star which should take care of it. It will look great for Wednesday’s Lennon birthday celebration.” That event will take place at 6 p.m. in front of the Capitol tower at 1750 N. Vine St.

Anthony Quinn’s Legacy From Mexico To Hollywood Legend

According to a press release received today, the coterie of celebrities was treated to a live performance by Avril Lavigne who sang her hit single, Here Is to Never Growing Up. Chinas Huading Awards honorees, which are selected by fans, recognize the best in film, television, dance, theater, and music. A taped broadcast of the show airs in Hong Kong on TVB on October 12, 2013 followed by broadcasts on 67 television stations throughout mainland China until October 25, 2013. And the envelop please–receiving award were: Nicole Kidman received the Huading Award for Best Global Actress in Motion Pictures. Nicolas Cage received the Huading Image Award for Best Global Actor in Motion Pictures. Quentin Tarantino won the Best Global Director Motion Pictures Award for his imaginative direction and commitment to richly layered storytelling. Michelle Dockery too the prize for Best Global Female Television Star. Jeremy Irons accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award for his accomplishments in film. Matthew Perry scored the Huading Award for Best Global Television Actor. Must have been a gala evening in Macau. .