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An archaeologist digs out a possibly Roman skull from the site of the graveyard of the Bethlehem, or Bedlam, hospital next to Liverpool Street Station in the City of London. The dig is on the site of the future ticket hall for the Crossrail station at Liverpool Street.

5, 2013. Ball State won 48-27. The Cardinals arrived at Scott Stadium having scored a touchdown on their opening possession in every game, and Virginia was determined to stop that streak. It did, forcing a punt after two first downs. “We were very confident coming off the field on that drive,” defensive end Eli Harold said, “but they came back and responded,” driving 83 yards in five plays for a go-ahead touchdown run. “That really got us down and we never got back up,” Harold said. Virginia eventually went ahead 17-7, but faded quickly thanks to a well-worn recipe for failure: 13 penalties, many of which sustained drives for Ball State, four turnovers and allowing 506 yards. Virginia (2-3, 0-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) hopes to have a lot of that corrected Saturday at Maryland. The Terps (4-1, 0-1) are hurting, too, coming off an embarrassing 63-0 loss to No. 6 Florida State. Cavaliers coach Mike London, whose team held Pittsburgh to 199 yards two weeks ago but lost 14-3 because its offense couldn’t make any plays, said the turnaround is frustrating, but fixable. “Perhaps maybe focus; attention to detail at that moment, at the precise moment that it calls for you to be at your best,” London said of a possible cause.

London: Reasons easier than remedies for Cavaliers

In this particular case, it is unfortunate that we only have disarticulated remains, as we can tell so much more when we have the whole skeleton to study, particularly with regard to disease. However, we will be able to look at the age and sex of the skulls to see whether we have an older or younger, or mixed, group, and whether we have mostly males or females. We will also look for evidence of disease, both in the skull and the teeth. The latter can also tell us about the early lives of the individuals and perhaps their origins: Were they brought up in Roman London, or did they come from elsewhere in Britain or Europe? (See “Rome’s Ruins.” ) How much of a surprise was it to find Roman skulls? It is never a surprise to find the remains of burials in London! The size of the city and its long history mean that you are never very far away from a burial ground, whether it be Roman or later. One could say that much of central London was a traditional burial site! Museum of London Archaeology and Crossrail’s archaeologists have been working for a decade to predict the likely archaeological remains in the areas of the works, and how to deal with them in advance of construction. However, whilst we knew that we would encounter burials from the 16th-century Bedlam burial ground, it was not at all certain whether Roman graves would turn up. Although known from past finds in this part of London, the sheer number of skulls we have found, currently more than two dozen, has indeed surprised us. Have these finds changed, modified, or shaded-in previously held perceptions of life in London in Roman times, or of the ancient geography of the city? These finds are very important, as they help us to characterize the nature and use of one of London’s “lost” rivers, the Walbrook.