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Finally free of customers demanding every cuisine be Indianised to suit their taste buds, chefs and restaurateurs across India are letting loose their creative side. The result: a brand new culture of fusion cuisine that is delightfully international in nature. Take the example of Zorawar Kalras upcoming restaurant at Mumbais Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Masala Library, which opened yesterday. It hopes to change the way we perceive, eat and relish Indian food. Indian food has come to a dead end, and there is nowhere else to go with the traditional recipes. That is why, its time to pave way for version 2.0 of progressive Indian food, laughs Kalra. Chef Nilesh Limaye cooks the Griddle Top Vegetable Pizza at Auriga Restaurant in Mahalaxmi. Pics/ Sayed Sameer Abedi Indeed, a handful of top-end fine-dining restaurants have already introduced dishes that have a global influence in the menu, along with their classic recipes. Indians have been globetrotters for many years but it is only now that they have finally opened up to global foods. The days of demanding international food in desi flavours such as Indian-Chinese or Chicken Tikka Pizza, are over, explains Kalra, who is happy that matured tastes only mean patrons are giving chefs complete freedom to churn out dishes that show their knowledge and understanding of food. Diners are happy to try something created by chefs who have more knowledge of food than them. At Masala Library, for example, we are serving Pesto Kebabs with Parmesan Papad, Quinoa Biryani, Rissoto Khichdi and Poha Paella –the last one an Indian take on the Spanish Valencian rice dish with Calamari, clams and sea food.

Heart Attack Grill Founder Jon Basso: My Food Will Kill You

You have people actually dying from your food, Jon,” Liu responds. Basso continues to argue that he “tells the truth” and is honest about his food while other fast food executives are not. “Do I want others to die at my restaurant? No. Actually I want to wake up one morning and open the door and have no one ever come in again, because maybe the world would have learned the truth. I can always go find another industry. I know how to sell things if I need to. I dont need to do this. But it is pathetic, in my opinion, that major corporate fast food chains will not tell the truth. As all I want is a little honestly in America about what we eat and why our waistlines are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Watch the contentious, and baffling, interview above. Also on HuffPost: Projected: 60.6 percent 2011: 30.9 percent (Image via AP) No. 9: Missouri Projected: 61.9 percent 2011: 30.3 percent (Image via AP) No. 7: Louisiana Projected: 62. 1 percent 2011: 33.4 percent (Image via AP) No. 7: Kansas Projected: 62.1 percent 2011: 29.6 percent (Image via Flickr) No.