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The 2013 Boston Red Sox provide a perfect model, even if the Mets aren’t the only team taking notice. Per Jim Callis of MLB.com : For 2013 alone, the Red Sox saved $58.25 million in salary by trading Gonzalez, Crawford, Beckett and Punto to Los Angeles. With those contracts off the books, Boston signed seven free agents who totaled $53.1 million in salary for this season. That’s an average of about $7.5 million for seven free agents. The talent is there. The key is being the first to locate it. Roster Outlook Let’s get something out of the way. Alderson has some expansive roster flaws to grapple with. And payroll expenditures are still limited. If contention still feels distant, it’s because it probably is. Imagine looking back on the forthcoming offseason this time next year. Was it decidedly strong? Did the team drastically improve? Because that hinges on a front office pushing all of the right buttons and plenty of luck. Hitting will deservedly draw the majority of the focus despite ranking near the middle of the National League pack in terms of both runs scored (11th) and allowed (8th).

And yet, Im no longer very young, which is why, perhaps, I relate most viscerally to the writers in Goodbye to All That I have mentioned, to their experience and their years. When Edelman tells us, I felt certain Id cycle back some day: it didnt seem possible for me to ever break free of New Yorks gravitational pull. But married life developed its own momentum, I know exactly what she means. I, too, came to California for a couple of years at most a couple of years that have now lasted longer than two decades. And when Ann Hood describes, in her magnificent Manhattan, Always Out of Reach, the experience of losing her 5-year-old daughter Grace to a virulent form of strep, she exposes the key lie we tell ourselves about iconic places: that they will save us, protect us, in some way, from ourselves. New York didnt matter, Hood writes of the aftermath of Graces dying. Nothing mattered…. I locked myself in my bedroom and thought, I will never leave here. Unfortunately, such depth is missingfrom a lot of Goodbye to All That, which in places reads like a scrapbook of notes about New York as fantasy turned sour. Too many of the essays are too similar, too safe, reflections on the desire to become a writer, on living in a small apartment, or the realization that, as Didion so brilliantly put it, not all of the promises would be kept, that some things are in fact irrevocable and that it had counted after all, every evasion and every procrastination, every mistake, every word, all of it. Thats a tricky but essential point, and it infuses Didions essay with a sense not just of loss but also of inevitability, of the innocence that living strips away. Still, for all that they refer back to her Didions name comes up in most of these pieces too much of the writing here does not share her depth. That’s because so many of the contributors seem inexperienced somehow, lacking perspective, as it were.

Saying goodbye to New York

The tropics will experience unprecedented warming 15 years earlier than the rest of the world, Mora told reporters on a conference call. We were very conservative when we started this index and were pretty surprised how early some of these change would take place. Two Forecasts The forecast assumes that carbon emissions will continue at a business-as-usual pace, according to the study. Under a separate scenario that assumes greenhouse gases are stabilized, the global climate departure is delayed more than two decades, until 2069. New York, under the more optimistic scenario, would experience unprecedented warming by 2072. The city was pummeled by Hurricane Sandy a year ago, leading to insured losses of about $25 billion in the U.S. according to Munich Re estimates. President Barack Obama cited the storm in his State of the Union address this year as a sign of the urgent need to address climate change. Changes will occur in the tropics sooner because they have a less variable climate, so even a small change in average temperature can take an area outside historical norms, according to the study. That may harm biodiversity in lower latitudes because tropical plants and animals are suited only to smaller variations in the climate, the researchers wrote. Finish Line Conservation practitioners take heed: the climate-change race is not only on, it is fixed, with the extinction finish line looming closest for the tropics, Eric Post , a professor of biology at Pennsylvania State University, wrote in an accompanying article in Nature. The study used as a baseline the average annual temperatures in cities around the world for each year from 1860 through 2005. While some years in the next few decades are predicted to exceed the highest of those averages, later years will return to levels within the historical average. Climate departure is the point when temperatures go outside that band and all subsequent years will exceed the range.