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9 Movies You Should Be Ashamed To Be Afraid Of

After it came out, other movies allowed their monster mythology to be vague, instead of explaining every detail. Other movies used the found footage technique to give people a sense of immediacy during the experience and reality after it. Other movies threw out the formula that said “the girl lives,” in favor of killing everyone and leaving the audience alone with the monster at the end. The problem is, we’ve had fourteen years of movies doing exactly that. After all these years the Blair Witch should have uncoiled her hairy fingers from our psyche. It should be nineties nostalgia by now. But do we watch it when we’re going camping? No. No we don’t. Because there is going to be some night when we have to leave the tent to go to the bathroom, and we want to be able to do that instead of cowering in our sleeping bags and holding it in until dawn. 1. The Boogeyman (1982 & 2010) Stephen King’s notoriously good horror stories make for notoriously bad films.


Movies are automatically downloaded, but you only pay for the movies you watch. Prima claims better than Blu-ray quality and twice the sharpness of Blu-ray which is a bit of a stretch, seeing as the resolution is 1080p/24 (same as Blu-ray). The encoded bit rate is twice that of Blu-ray (less compression ) and there are more bits per color . So presuming your equipment can handle the latter, it should be a little better than BD. That said,even if it looks the same as Blu-ray, thats still excellent. Currently, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Magnolia Pictures Millennium and Cinedigm offer movies on Prima. If other services are any indication (like Netflix Netflix , iTunes, Google Google Play and etc.), expect to see more studios sign on if Prima does well. Cost(s) If youre expecting the Prima Cinema to be expensive, youd be right. Just the hardware is $35,000. Each movie is $500, and you only get to watch it once. You have to be vetted by the company (you cant just buy one). The fingerprint scanner makes sure its you watching the movie (or are at least in the room when it starts). There are even more draconian security features than the use of your digit.

Prima Cinema Brings First-Run Movies To Your Home

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About 8,000 years ago, maize was cultivated from teosinte , a wild grass that doesnt look much like the modern corn we know today. Popcorna name mostly associated with puffed kernels of cornis actually a strain of corn, characterized by especially starchy kernels with hard kernel walls, which help internal pressure build when placed over heat. It was one of the first variations of maize cultivated in Central America. Popcorn went north and it went south, but as far as I can see, it really only survived in South America, says Andrew Smith, author of Popped Culture: A Social History of Popcorn .Eventually, trade and commerce brought the unique kernels northward. Most likely, North American whalers went to Chile, found varieties of popcorn, picked them up and thought that they were cute, and brought them back to New England in the early 19th century, Smith explains. After popcorn made its way to the eastern part of North America, it spread rapidly. Eaters found the act of popping corn wildly entertaining , and by 1848, popcorn, the snack food, was prevalent enough to be included in theDictionary of Americanisms.Popcorn had literally exploded onto the scene and was available everywhereespecially at entertainment sites like circuses and fairs. In fact, there was really only one entertainment site where the snack was absent: the theaters. One reason for popcorns increasing popularity was its mobility: in 1885, the first steam-powered popcorn maker hit the streets, invented by Charles Cretor . The mobile nature of the machine made it the perfect production machine for serving patrons attending outdoor sporting events, or circuses and fairs. Not only was popcorn mobile, but it could be mass-produced without a kitchen, an advantage that another crunchy snackthe potato chiplacked (the earliest potato chips were made in small batches in kitchens, not ideal for mass snack appeal).