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The team’s mascot, cheerleaders, drum line and Gjallarhorn will be at Wembley Stadium on Sunday. Alumni Randall McDaniel and Ahmad Rashad will serve as honorary captains. Video and other production elements will mirror a home game at the Metrodome. Players, to hear team officials tell it, should be in the right frame of mind after a week more like training camp than the regular season. “It’s going to really allow us to bond as a team and really focus on football,” said owner-President Mark Wilf, who paid to bring along most of the team’s staff and spouses. “That’s been proven the case here so far.” STAYING OUT OF TROUBLE Allen seemed less enthused about the trip Thursday, telling reporters he felt the team bonded in camp and he’d never play for a team based in London because of the travel. Williams was slightly more diplomatic, saying the team’s focus was “pretty on point” but also bemoaning the way the travel schedule affected his usual rest. “Some of us older guys it takes some of us Tuesday, Wednesday to get back going when you’ve played a lot,” Williams said. “I’ve been trying to stay off my feet, stay in the cold tub or do whatever I could and just try to be fresh when Sunday comes.” Other players made the roughly 45-minute trip into London to see the sights and perhaps just to have options other than bocce, croquet, ping-pong and video games before midnight curfew. Asked if Frazier delivered a message about handling business, Williams said, “We’ve been pretty much schooled on do’s and don’ts while we’re here. Just act in a proper manner. You don’t want anyone getting stuck over here because they’re in trouble or having to go see the law.” Coaches’ schedules have been altered, too.

London Police Use Super Recognizers to Fight Crime

The unit proved especially valuable after riots hit London in the summer of 2011. After the violence, Scotland Yard combed through hundreds of hours of surveillance video. So far, there have been nearly 5,000 arrests; around 4,000 of those were based on police identifications of suspects from video images. The super recognizers were responsible for nearly 30 percent of the identifications, including one officer who identified almost 300 people. A facial recognition software program made only one successful identification, according to Neville. Weeks before the Notting Hill Carnival, the biggest street festival in Europe, kicked off last month, the super recognizers were given images of known criminals and gang members. After the carnival began, 17 super recognizers holed up in a control room to study surveillance footage and spot the potential troublemakers. Once targeted people were identified, police officers were sent to the scene as a pre-emptive strategy. Neville said that likely prevented some crimes like thefts and assaults. Neville said one super recognizer saw what he thought was a drug deal, but wasn’t sure. The next day, the super recognizer saw the same person and when police intervened, they found the suspect with crack cocaine. He noted that the officers aren’t infallible and that their identification is only the start of a case, after which police start looking for other evidence. Legal authorities warned it could be problematic to use super recognizers as expert witnesses in court, such as in situations where they identify criminals based on an imperfect image.