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(Spencer Platt/Getty Images / October 10, 2012) Related By Amy Kaufman 12:26 p.m. CDT, October 16, 2013 With a documentary about Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace already set for release next month, two feature films about the cyclist are now in a race to hit theaters. On Tuesday, the production company Working Title announced Ben Foster had been cast as Armstrong in a Stephen Frears-directed biopic set to begin filming Friday. Based on sportswriter David Walsh’s “Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong,” the picture will detail Armstrong’s rise and fall, along with his contentious relationship with Walsh (played by Chris O’Dowd). PHOTOS: Billion-dollar movie club The film seems to be moving along more quickly than “Red Blooded American,” a Bradley Cooper-produced and -starring take on the Armstrong saga. Set up at Warner Bros. and developed by director Jay Roach, that movie will touch on the relationship between Armstrong and his former teammate, Tyler Hamilton, who in a “60 Minutes” interview accused the seven-time Tour de France winner of cheating. (After vehement denials, Armstrong later came clean–sort of. The champion was of course stripped of all his Tour de France titles.) All of this comes as a movie feauturing the real participants prepares to hit the screen. OnNov. 8, Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney will bring his movie “The Armstrong Lie” to theaters. The filmmaker initially intended to chronicle the athlete’s triumphs over the course of one comeback season several years ago, but decided to change course when, deep in the edit process, allegations of Armstrong’s doping gained traction. (Incidentally, Sony Pictures and producer Frank Marshall had been prepping its own triumph-of-the-spirit movie based on Armstrong”s “It’s Not About the Bike” for several years but, despite interest from the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, the project began to recede after Armstrong’s problems grew.) Interest in the Armstrong episode continues even nine months after the cyclist gave his now-famous Oprah Winfrey interview. But will moviegoers continue to care–and, if they do, will they care to support as many as three different movies?

None of the Most Pirated Movies of the Week Is Available Legally

Only 20 percent, however, were available for rent or streaming, and none were available on legal streaming services like Netflix. VIEW ALL PHOTOS IN GALLERY The films on the list with the greatest digital availability include The Lone Ranger, After Earth, and This Is the End. Pacific Rim, The Internship and Monsters University are also available for digital purchase. White House Down, Elysium, The Mortal Instruments City of Bones, and 2 Guns are not available in any digital format at the moment. The fact that the films are not available for streaming isn’t too surprising, since services like Netflix don’t specialize in new releases thanks to the cost of licensing them. Meanwhile, the new films Netflix does gain the rights to often don’t hit the service until a few weeks after their DVD release , as part of the deals Netflix worked out with studios. A number of these films, meanwhile, are simply between their theatrical and DVD release. White House Down, for example, is scheduled to be released on Amazon Instant Video on Nov. 5 for $4.99 rental or $14.99 purchase. Elysium and The Mortal Instruments City of Bones arrive on DVD in December, while 2 Guns will be released in November. PiracyData.org is the brainchild of Jerry Brito and Eli Dourado from the Mercatus Center , a conservative think tank within George Mason University, as well as developer Matt Sherman. In a FAQ , they said they wanted to determine if consumers “turn to piracy when the movies they want to watch are not available legally.” They were inspired by an MPAA report that said search engines were not taking sufficient voluntary measures to combat piracy.

The Worst Plot Holes in Sports Movies


Encouragingly, these people include artists and, sometimes, even people at labels, movie or game studios. The entertainment business still acts as if piracy is going to wipe out the entire creative industry, but things are moving in the right direction. And proof that piracy is directly linked to weather people can find the movies or shows they want when they want to is very evident over at the new PiracyData.org website. The site mashes up data from TorrentFreak, the top 10 most pirated movies on BitTorrent, along with data from Can I Stream It. The end result is a chart of the top 10 most popular movies on BitTorrent and whether they are available online in any form, streaming, rental or purchase. Obviously, this data has been available for a while, but it’s only now been put into context like this. And the results speak for themselves. For the past three weeks, the time over which the data has been collected, none of the top 10 movies, not a single one has been available for streaming, on Netflix, Hulu and so on. Only one in five have been available for rental and a little over half of them could have been bought from the likes of iTunes and Amazon. This week, four of the top 10 movies can’t be bought, rented or streamed anywhere. Three are available for streaming and, for six, a digital copy can be purchased online. Obviously, people will and do pirate movies and shows even if they are available legally. In fact, some will grab it from BitTorrent even if it’s available somewhere for free, sometimes it’s just a matter of habits.

Lance Armstrong will be the subject of two upcoming movies and a documentary

Guess word traveled fast. There was also quite a big lie perpetrated by player Reggie Dunlop, who falsely misleads pretty much everyone into thinking the team’s sale was imminent, in an attempt to flush out their anonymous owner.And no one is the least bit concerned with stopping him. Little Big League Columbia Pictures InLittle Big Leagueinitially lovable, then loathsome, then kinda lovable again 12-year-old Billy Heywood inherits his beloved Minnesota Twins after the tragic loss of his beloved grandfather. Plot Hole :One of Heywood’s first acts as an owner is installing himself as manager. Obviously the best plan everexcept that MLB expressly prohibits anyone with an ownership stake in a team acting as manager. Varsity Blues MTV Films In Varsity Blues unconventional quarterback John Moxon is, presumably, the first football player in the history of West Canaan to ever question the motives and methods of legendary/legendarily evil coach Bud Kilmer. Plot Hole: In the film’s final locker room scene, the rest of the team finally sees what Mox had seen all along and refuse to retake the field with Kilmer. The coach leaves and wanders around outside like an old man lost at the grocery store. But when the team retakes the field there are no other coaches there either. The assistant coaches definitely didn’t leave with Kilmer and they’re certainly not out with the players. I guess they were just shootin’ the s**t in the locker room. Teen Wolf Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Teen Wolf is a delightful 80s romp about a decidedly average Nebraska high school student named Scott Howard who is sick of being average. Then BOOM. He’s a werewolf. Plot Hole: Given how true to real life the plot of the movie feels, it’s surprising someone didn’t give the palm trees seen in the movie a second thought. Ya know, since there are no palm trees in Nebraska. Remember the Titans Buena Vista Pictures Remember the Titans is a movie based on the true story of Herman Boone, an African American head coach charged attempting to unify a racially divided high school football team in the early 70s. Plot Hole : At several points in the film, many of which are critical, players on a team that has recovered a fumble are seen advancing the ball. That despite it being against the rules in 1971. D2: The Mighty Ducks Disney Pictures I’m going to skip the obvious plot hole in D2: The Mighty Ducks, which is why the Ducks are chosen to represent the entire United States at the Goodwill Games. Even if Gordon Bombay is the coach, it’s still very strange. Mike Babcock is the coach of Canada’s national men’s hockey team, that doesn’t mean he can bring all the Red Wings with him. Whatever though, that’s just the accepted premise of the entire movie. Plot Hole: The real issue is the supposed ringers brought in from all over the country to supplement the team. They were said to be “the best of the best.” Really! The best of the best includes Luis Mendoza? He can skate circles around anyoneright before he crashes into the wall because he can’t stop. It’s stunning that Iceland didn’t win. The Sandlot 20th Century Fox The Sandlot is the favorite classic sports movie of 90 percent of people born between 1982 and 1989.